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my poor poor robbie. we hardly knew ye.

Is this true? This is the only mention I can find online. I don't want to believe.

I have been watching Rob's site for a while now - he is responsible for my introduction to web standards. More importantly, he introduced me to a community rich with creative energy. I felt lucky to have found his site, and therefore, the sites of his friends and colleagues.

This online community won't be the same without him.

its true...rob's dead.

Oh, Bandy. Your sentiments warm my heart. It's true that my last post resulted in a grisly backlash, but, luckily, I still had a few lives left, and I'm back on my feet. I just wish I could type this without getting blood all over the keyboard...

I guess now would be a good time to take his site out of my Daily Links folder. Let's just be glad it wasn't Sutter.

I never knew Rob Weychert was Donkey Kong.

So he's gracing us with his presence from beyond?

()() That's me, flaring my nostrils at you. I am not amused.

you are so going to H-E-DOUBLE HOCKEYSTICKS!

All I remember was the New Kids On The Block Tees. I guess that was from his first four years at KU.

Sweet! Does this mean we can all rifle through Rob's belongings, sleep in his bed and have all sorts of fun (involving his stuff and area) now that he's gone? I've been long waiting for this day... Merritt calls dibs on the chaps!

Poor Robbie, I must say that I am pretty happy that I will never have to see him make out with redheaded chick. shew.

uh, jumpin up and down and throwing barrels. Sounds like donkey kong. But im sad to hear that.

Holy Christ. I've been a fan of Rob's since back in the Bredstik days, around 1998 - 1999. Rest in peace, Rob.

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