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Holy shit, those look great!

And, for some reason Safari keeps changing my last name.

thanks jason, i promise I won't have you doing anything pornographic. I can't say the same for rob though.

pure awesomeness!

Looks great so far.. I like this new art direction you've been going in. You're newer charcters would make great toys.

Wow, I can't wait to see where you go with this!

Let me know if you need any help rhyming. As a gangster, I've naturally got the skills you need.

Should Stan's hands be larger - like twice the size of his head? I'm confused Kevin seems to think he's got enormous hulk-like hands yet I've seen no other evidence of this.

Behold... the beard of POWER!

looks good, bandy. you should throw zorthron in the mix too. he's the guy whos trying to stop them from blowing up the world by mistake.

hey fuck zorthron. besides, i already have a robot in this thing.

Lookin' forwards to the premier ;)
I couldn't help but notice the similarity between Rob's facial hair and the firefox logo. Is this something to do with his supervillain powers?

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